Our Programs

Bootup Baltimore is responsible for two major programs: teaching and refurbishing.

The teachers run an after-school program for 3rd through 5th grade students at Barclay Elementary/Middle School and Barclay Youth Safe Haven. We go over one day a week, for about an hour, to teach them basic computer skills such as: word processing, music editing, image editing, CD burning, and parts of a computer. The teachers from Hopkins prepare, in advance, the lesson plans used each week. The students get to take home projects such as T-shirts, photos, and CDs that they make during the class. Those who complete the 8-week program receive their own full computer setup from Bootup Baltimore.
We've made our lessons available online for others to use: take a look at them here.

The refurbishers get to work hands-on with all of the computers that pass through Bootup. We inspect the donated equipment to determine whether it can be repaired or should be broken down for parts. Functioning systems are imaged with Linux Mint which provides a full suite of free and open source programs. Bootup Baltimore then donates the computers to local schools, nonprofits, and churches around Baltimore, including the studentts in our after-school program. The refurbishers meet weekly in Bootup's workroom located at the JHU Center for Social Concern (CSC).

2015-2016 Officers

  • President - Taylor Washington
  • Vice President for Teaching - Linda Xu
  • Vice President for Refurbishment - Joshua Zhu
  • Treasurer - Jack Mountain
  • Publicist - Jack Mountain
  • Refurbishment Coordinators - Tucker Chapin

See a list of past officers.

Johns Hopkins University | Center for Social Concern | 3103 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21218