Benefits of Sony VAIO VPCEA490X discounts

When it comes to buying a new laptop, we always find different ways to get it at cheaper prices. Many people prefer the sales or promotional vouchers. With these vouchers you get a discount of up to 20%. Sometimes you get free shipping with this discount. You can see how many people buy the laptops on the promotional vouchers and various promotions arranged by the retailers. The demand for laptops is not only increasing due to these promotions, but their customizable functions, colorful lids and multimedia functions are also responsible for winning people over. With the Sony VAIO EA series, users can use a fully customized laptop in different colors. You can combine your laptop with your favorite outfit.

If we talk about the specifications for Sony VAIO VPCEA490X, we can see that the device is equipped with Intel Core i3 processors. These processors are known for intelligent multitasking. Intel i3 processors have Hyper-Threading technology. With this technology, each core of the processor works on two different tasks simultaneously. This allows the user to work in a smooth environment since working on slow systems is always irritating. The average start times for these machines are less than 60 seconds.

In normal configurations, the Sony VAIO VPCEA490X has an Intel Core i3-380M processor and a speed of 2.53 GHz. You can also use the Intel Core i5 with Turbo Boost technology in the EA series. The Sony VAIO EA series enables customization that you can make online. The default memory is 320 GB, which is acceptable physical memory for Sony VAIO VPCEA490. In addition, it is supported by a 4 GB RAM and you get a 14 "display (1366 x 768) with LED backlight. The graphics card is equipped with wireless display technology. In this way you can connect the laptops to your HD TV and the pictures and images enjoy movies on your home HDTV. It comes with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD.

Sony VAIO VPCEA490X with the basic configuration can perform many miraculous tasks in a short time because it is loaded with intelligent multitasking. It is more suitable for people who are not concerned with online 3D games, but are working on some heavy-duty applications and are concerned with video streaming and rendering. However, if you want to buy a colored laptop with a good reputation on the market, you can update the Sony VAIO VPCEA490X accordingly.


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