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When it comes to stylish notebooks, most people rely on Sony VAIO because we all know that name. Sony has long conquered the home appliance market, and since Sony introduced notebooks, it has become increasingly popular in the computer field. There have been many reviews of Sony VAIO laptops in various magazines and even on the Internet, mentioning the technologies and the artistic style. Sony VAIO is always very well known for introducing more attractive notebooks. However, there are also a number for professionals. If you prefer performance over style, Sony VAIO VPCEC490X is for you.

When we talk about the specifications of this computer, this computer is equipped with processors from the Intel Core i3 family. This notebook also supports the processor with Turbo Boost technology, which is significantly more energy efficient than others. It is equipped with an Intel Core i3 380 processor (2.53 GHz). However, the device supports up to Intel i7 -640M processors (2.80 GHz) and is equipped with Turbo Boost technology, which can increase surprisingly up to 3.46. When it comes to storage, you can store data in terabytes, which is pretty impressive.

Typically, the VAIO VPCEC490X comes with a 320 GB hard drive (5400 rpm). However, you can also use a 1 TB hard drive (7200 rpm). Most of the time, the physical memory of the machine helps to run smoothly, since most applications are stored in memory before they are processed. Sony VAIO VPCEC490X comes with 4 GB and you can expand the memory up to 8 GB. Usually it comes with a 17.3-inch VAIO display, and for a $ 100 father price, you can use a 17.3-inch full HD VAIO (1900 x 1080) display, to enjoy HD movies. If you are interested in online 3D games, this notebook can make your life easier. It comes with a 512 MB memory graphics card. This card is efficient. However, you can add 1 GB VRAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 card for an additional $ 50. Sony VAIO VPCEC490X comes with real Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

If you are a type of person involved in games, multimedia, video rendering and streaming, this device will meet the requirements for both you and the users who stay at home. The price for Sony VAIO VPCEC490X with normal configurations is $ 749.99. You can buy the discount with various online vouchers and promotional vouchers.


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