Fix Test Drive Unlimited Lags

If you experience delays in your computer with Test Drive Unlimited, don't worry that you are not the only one suffering from this problem.

Many people believe that the game is lagging behind due to a virus infection, and some believe that there is a problem with the game. There are several common causes that lead to game delays:

· Outdated drivers

· Corrupt registration

· Low memory

Game not installed properly

You can follow the methods below to eliminate Test Drive Unlimited Lagging.

Update the graphics and sound drivers

Many new games require the latest graphic elements. This also applies to Test Drive. You can download and install the latest sound and graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website, or follow these steps to update the drivers:

· Right-click on My Computer and select Properties

· Click Hardware and then click the Device Manager button

· Now right-click on Sounds and click on Update Driver

Repeat step 3 to update the graphics card drivers

· Restart your computer after successfully installing the drivers

Install Windows updates

Another important reason for the game lag is that you're trying to run the game on an outdated version of Windows. It is important that you download and install Windows updates. Follow these steps to install Windows updates:

1. Click the Start button

2. Go to All Programs and then click Windows Update

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

4. Install the updates

5. Restart your PC.

Uninstall and reinstall Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is also delayed if the game is not installed properly. Before reinstalling the game, it is very important that you correctly remove the game from your PC. Follow the instructions below to uninstall the game and fix game delays:

1. Click Start and open the Control Panel

2. Click Programs and Features

3. Right-click Test Drive Unlimited

4. Click on Uninstall

5. Follow the instructions on your screen

6. After uninstalling, restart your system and reinstall the game.

Correct registration

An important reason for the delay of Test Drive Unlimited are the registration problems. If the Windows registry contains errors, this leads to many game-related errors. All information about the applications and games installed on the computer is stored in the Windows registry. To quickly repair the Windows registry, you need to download and install System Cleaner and PC Optimizer.

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