HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F – high-performance desktop PC

Long-time desktop PC users all agree that if you need to replace your desktop's CPU or desktop rig, you've already replaced the chunky monitor with a bigger, thinner, and much better-looking LCD. However, if you are looking for more than just an average desktop PC rig, the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F is the right desktop PC for you.

Initially, the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F doesn't really look like much because it's in an unassuming black HP case that looks pretty normal. Admittedly, the combination of housing, keyboard and mouse looks very professional and corporate with its completely black and silver look.

But what sets the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F apart from your average desktop PC is its innards, as it contains a powerful Intel Core i5 650 processor that lets you do practically anything. With 8 GB of DDR3 memory, the desktop is very stable and very powerful, so that it can handle everything from office applications to surfing the Internet to programming compilers and 3D rendering. While the discrete Nvidia GeForce GT230 graphics card enables some games and smooth HD video, unlike the 1TB hard drive that the desktop is equipped with, it is at best an entry-level performance.

While the great components of the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F are fantastic, it is the wireless-n connectivity of the desktops that makes it so easy to use. The desktop is supported by a real Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system and runs quite well and responds fairly quickly. With a LightScribe-enabled DVD burner, you can burn labels directly onto LightScribe disc media, while other functions allow you to archive and view DVD9 movies along with CDs.

All in all, the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F is a desktop computer with excellent performance. With the ability to handle practically anything you throw at it, the system is the perfect addition to your existing LCD monitor or HDTV. If you buy the LCD monitor separately, the system is first of all a great high-performance device. Although the system can handle almost anything, serious gamers will need to consider upgrading the graphics card to something with a bit more graphics performance before the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140F is the desktop PC with perfect performance.


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