Jump start graphics card drivers with these fixes

Graphics card drivers are important components that your computer can use to play videos. Now that everyone has to keep their video functionality up to date, it is all the more important to keep these graphics card drivers up to date.

Missing or damaged graphics card drivers affect your ability to play videos on your computer. You need to try a number of different methods to determine the cause of your graphics card problems. Let’s see how you can quickly fix graphics card problems.

The download / uninstall / reinstall method

One of the most effective ways to troubleshoot graphics card device drivers is by using the “Download, Uninstall, and Reinstall” method. With this method, you need to find and install the correct driver for your graphics card, uninstall the graphics card and reinstall it with the new drivers. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Find out which brand and model your graphics card has. You can do this simply by opening the “Device Manager” in Windows. Then you have to expand the entry labeled “Graphics Cards”. When you open this menu, information about your graphics card is displayed.

2. Go online and visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website. So if you have an ATI graphics card, you need to visit ati.amd.com. Find the right site, navigate to it, and find the drivers you need. You need to know how to extract INF files so that you can properly integrate the new drivers.

3. Open Device Manager again. After right-clicking the icon for your graphics card, click “Uninstall”. The operating system will then uninstall the outdated graphics card from your computer. After that you have to restart the computer. Reboot.

4. After restarting your computer, the operating system searches for your graphics card and installs the updated drivers. Follow the installation wizard to complete this.

5. Install the new display drivers by simply double-clicking the display driver installer. Now your drivers should work properly.

The above method can work very well as long as you know how to manually install drivers. If you’re not a technician, you probably shouldn’t try to install drivers manually, as failure can damage your system.

You also have to make sure that you find the right drivers for your graphics card. Downloading the wrong driver can cause a number of unexpected problems.

What happens if your hardware is out of date?

You may also simply have an old graphics card. Sometimes you can only update a graphics card until it no longer supports the next generation of graphics. So make sure that your graphics card is not out of date.

A simple solution: driver update software

The most effective way to get your sound card up and running again is to use driver update software. Driver update software is an automated process that searches your system for outdated drivers and replaces them with new, functional drivers.

The driver update software is also a preventative measure as you can always check if the drivers are out of date. You can actually be one step ahead of the game by occasionally running a driver update scan. It is a good idea to use driver update software when you need to fix graphics card drivers.


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