Marketing tip – How your business card can help or harm your company!

What does your business card say about you? Believe it or not, it says a lot more than your name and phone number! Does your business card help you build your business call? Or is it pulling you down?

In my role as a marketing expert, I work with many independent business owners. As a result, I get a lot of questions about these marketing tools.

A business card has different purposes.

The first is so obvious that many people seem to forget it!

It must communicate your contact information clearly. Dramatic maps with lots of graphics are fun. However, make sure that your name and phone number are at the center of your card.

It also helps to define you. Make sure your card reflects your professionalism.

Office supplies stores offer many options for homemade business cards. They are not for you! Let the 12 year old use the street down for his dog walking. If you want to be considered an affordable professional, you need professionally printed cards!

It is also a must to have your card designed by a professional. Yes, there are a variety of software programs and websites where you can design your own maps. Don't do it unless you're a professional graphic designer. Rent one to create your card. Chances are it won't cost too much.

Picture or no picture? That is the question I get most often. Photos on business cards are common in industries like real estate. Some people feel that their picture on their map makes them more accessible. This makes other people feel less professional.

If you have your picture on your business card, make sure it is a professionally taken photo that actually looks like you! A photo that is too old or that makes you look artificially glamorous will only make you look stupid. A snapshot of yourself standing in front of the office door only makes you look lame. It is worth investing in a good picture!

Never distribute a business card with typos or incorrect information. Unfortunately, most typing errors happen because the cards have not been proofread correctly. If you have maps created, ask a friend to review them for you. If your phone or email address changes, throw away your old cards and get new ones straight away. They don't cost that much! If you use cards with incorrect information or scratched-out items, you look sloppy, cheap, and / or lazy.

The bottom line is that your business card reflects your professionalism. Regardless of the industry you're in, your card can help improve or improve your reputation.


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