Process nwiz.exe

What is NWIZ.EXE?

NWIZ.EXE is part of NVidia's Nview features, which can be installed with the graphics hardware products as part of the driver package. This application provides the user with access to additional functions, with which settings of up to 32 monitors can be configured, set and optimized on a host computer, or the desktop can be extended to many monitors. This program starts automatically during installation, but is not absolutely necessary for the operating system to run because you can run it if necessary. It is recommended to disable this program so that it does not consume the required resources.

NWIZ.EXE is a program that you may have installed, or may have arrived on your computer the day you purchased it, since this software may have been preinstalled. Always check where it is on your hard drive as this ensures that it is not spyware or adware that is simply placed somewhere else on your computer and uses the same name to fool you. The file location is in your registry under the local computer, shown as
Run: [nwiz] nwiz.exe / install

Depending on the Windows operating system, it is also in your System32 or System folder.

Security threat

The nwiz.exe process in your Windows Task Manager without an NVidia graphics card is usually a sign that your computer has been infected with the Gaobot or Agobot.iq viruses / Trojans. Even if you have an NVidia card, you should be careful, especially if you notice two or more processes named NWIZ.EXE. However, if you may have an NVidia graphics card, some of the NVidia driver software will also run a process with that name.

A number of users have also complained about NWIZ.EXE and its performance when running, consuming lots of memory resources just to be on the taskbar.


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