Two very easy to use magic tricks to amaze your friends

We all love some magic tricks and it is even better to do them yourself and amaze your friends. Here are two very easy-to-use magic tricks that you can do with just one card game.

First try the following magic trick.

Right, this is a very simple trick, and it just requires a little bit of tact and misdirection to be successful. Meet an audience (or your video camera if you want to become a YouTube star) and then have someone from your audience choose a card from your deck of cards. When they memorize the card, all they have to do is flip the card that is at the bottom of the deck. It then faces the other way and you should flip the package over so that it appears as a normal deck of cards. This is where misdirection comes in – you obviously don't want your audience to see you doing this essential part of the trick. Now have them put the card back in the deck and tell them that you will magically discover the card they chose. Simply put the card behind your back and turn the top card over again. Tell them the card they selected has been reversed, then let them look through the deck to find them.

You can try this next.

This is an equally easy-to-use trick that uses the same tricks to confuse your audience. Just shuffle the cards and then take a quick look at the card below. Now drop the cards one by one from the bottom and tell someone to stop when you are about ten. Now take the cards you dropped and stack them. Be sure to put the saved card (from the bottom of the deck) back on top of the stack. Show them this card now, but don't show up and let them mix the pack. Now just look through the deck and surprise them as you select the card you memorized.

These two simple tricks are sure to amaze your friends at the next social gathering you attend.


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