What is an AGP graphics card? The AGP standard explains!

As you progress in 3D graphics, have you noticed that some games look so different on different PCs? Do you wonder why this happens? Well, one reason is AGP graphics cards. These cards are high-speed point-to-point channels for connecting a graphics card to the motherboard of a computer, mainly to support the acceleration of 3D computer graphics. It is a fact that a number of games and other media are based on sophisticated devices such as the Accelerated Graphics Port or AGP graphics cards. With the support of this important device, users can play games, create animations and perform simple tasks such as sending emails. Accelerated Graphics Ports can improve the look and speed of your computer graphics. AGP graphics cards are actually devices that use circuit board signals that are routed through the motherboard into the monitor or television.

They also help to increase the speed of graphics and images from the graphics card to that of the screen. With the rapid development of games these days, various high-performance AGP graphics cards are coming onto the market. These cards are powered by the motherboard. Some AGP graphics cards are integrated in the motherboard. These cards have their own slot on the motherboard. Integrated AGP graphics cards are only a small factor in a full board. These cards are almost four times faster than PCI graphics cards and go well with videos and most computer games. The high-end graphics cards have a RAM area of ​​256 MB to 512 MB. These graphics cards have their own drivers that meet the right resolution and gaming requirements and improve performance and stability.

Today there are three versions and four basic speeds of AGP graphics cards. Some examples include AGP 1.0 – supports 1x and 2x speeds with integrated 3.3 V connections. The AGP 2.0 version is compatible with 1.0, but adds 4x and 1.5V support, while APG 3.0 supports 4x and 8x speeds and is only compatible with the 4x version in 2.0. PNY Technologies' GeForce GTX 260 896MB GDDR3 graphics card offers NVIDIA SLI-ready GPUs with full DirectX 10 support.

There are different types of AGP graphics cards. Some manufacturers are ATI, Nvidia, PNY, EVGA, MSI and XFX.


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