Xbox 360 E74 error secret – Fixing your console is easy

Do you find it difficult to find out why your Xbox 360 console had the red death ring or the E74 error? The Xbox 360 death lights red ring or E74 error are caused for several reasons. The main reason for this would be the numerous gameplay that a person puts into the console.

Basically, the more hours you play without letting the system cool down, the worse.

Why? Here are the 3 main reasons:

1. An Xbox 360 console contains a graphics card and a CPU chip, both of which are connected to the system's motherboard. The graphics card is the only chip that needs more cooling than any other component.

Just like a desktop CPU. Addictive players will buy this huge 8×4 graphics card to install on their system. The larger it is, the more cooling is of course required. A fan is usually attached to these cards to keep them cool.

2nd On the other hand. The graphics card attached to the Xbox 360 console is installed upside down (the base) of the system, and insufficient ventilation helps to keep the system cool enough.

3rd It has proven itself on a normal computer. I have a huge 8×4 graphics card with a fan attached to it. I also have control over the fan speed. Yes, I have set the fan to the lowest speed.

What happened?

The computer started to freeze several times while I was opening simple programs like Notepad and Firefox.

You may be wondering if your Xbox has been permanently repaired. The e74 error, red death ring, and Xbox freezes caused by Xbox can be fixed. You don't have to pay a local technician or wait for Microsoft to send your Xbox back to you within 5-8 weeks.


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